Different Lenses For Different Lifestyles

Not only do we offer you a wide variety of frames to choose from at Philip Howard Opticians, but we also provide you with a full range of lenses to choose from and we will guide you through your options, explaining at each stage what lenses are most appropriate for you. You are unique, and what you need from your glasses may not be the same as everyone else. That’s why we offer a complete range of coatings and finishes on our lenses. Many lens materials are available, Plastic, Glass (yes it is still available), Photochromic, Thinned Aspheric. Thinned High Index. Rimless spectacles need special consideration, and ‘Trivex’ is the perfect material for these frames. Equally there are many lens forms to consider too. Apart from single focus lenses, Varifocals, enhanced reading/VDU lenses as well as conventional bifocal lenses.

At Philip Howard Opticians we pride ourselves on solving problems arising from complicated lens prescriptions and strive to find out what lens design would really work for you.

Coating we can offer:

  • Anti-reflection coating
  • Scratch-resistant or hard coating
  • Water repellent lens finish
  • Ultraviolet protected
  • Multi-coated – combine coatings

Get the lenses you need now:

At Philip Howard Opticians, your vision is our top priority. In addition to providing a range of lenses to suit your needs, we offer expert eye tests and eye care, as well as a great selection of frames and sunglasses, including designer brands. Call in today or get in touch to see how we can help you.